Production Tip: Hear Soloed Channels Of Well Known Tracks

hi, maybe this is old hat to you guys but i’m throwing it out there in case someone missed it. (:

if you are into mixing rock vocals, guitars, bass and drums then i think you might find this interesting. it’s really good because you probably have heard these tracks a lot of times and hence can easily see how the individual tracks contribute to the mix.

got a youtube link from a friend to a metallica track with pure (not extracted by software) vocals (with fx on them) and i was “wth? how did anyone geta ahold of this?” after reading a bit i understood that the bands released 4 channel versions of their songs for rockband and guitar hero and that people ripped the individual tracks.

this is the track i got: metallica - blackened (hetfield sounds really good here imo)

downmixed guitars track (epic reversed guitar intro):…feature=related

other 90s classics

nirvana - smells like… vox only

soundgarden - black hole sun…feature=related

alice in chains - them bones vocals only…feature=related

looking for a way to find more of this now

One of my all time favorites, thanks for reminding me about it. :yeah: :guitar: :drummer:

a lot more going on in that track with those backup vocals than i ever thought of.

i’m trying to find a good keyword to find these kinds of soloed tracks as audio files but nooo, can’t find it. :<

vox, vocals, a cappella

Absolutely. I love Kurt´s voice and this track. And Steve Albini is the “raw rock maestro” producer.

love kurt’s voice. amazing!

David Bowie - Space Oddity

The other tracks of the song (Bass, Drums, Flute, Cellos, etc.) are in the related videos.
I think the Stylophone part in particular sounds interesting and how they made it work with the song.