Program Change In Vst/dsp Effect

Hello everybody,

I think I have read the relevant part in the manual, but did not find what I was looking for.
Can someone please tell me how do I send a program change to a VST/DSP effect (not instrument)? I would like to change the preset it uses.

Thanks in advance.

That is currently not possible. You can however send different parameter settings to your automation settings and then copy your automation programs to different patterns. Ofcourse it is not the most delicate solution but this is currently the best option.

ahhh… i suspected that…
I thought I misunderstood some of the 9x effect commands.
It looks like it should be:
93 in panning column
then XXYY in the effect column - XX=Effect YY=Preset
So 93-0102 will change to the second preset in the first effect.

That might be a new solution, i’ll move this topic to Ideas and Suggestions then.

Excellent, thank you.

I like your suggestion Icarus, would save a considerate time initializing all parameters from a vst effect in the automation editor. Some of the payware effects have gazillion parameters.

What I do now is; shift focus to the automation editor (middle mouse click or ctrl+tab to it) And then use the keyboard cursors to scroll down and press enter at the same time.

Unfortunately Renoise doesn’t let you select more then one parameter at the same time in the automation editor (for example by shift or ctrl clicking)…so you could just ctrl+a all the parameters, press enter and voilá.

That would be sweet - and remember to support native DSP FX as well !!

yes nice idea,it would be a time saver