Program that creates hitlist-music

Alright, so the news (which isn’t really NEW(s), cuz it’s already about a week old) is that… some smartass made a program, or, actually, they found a “code” for all hit list songs… like, a song is built up of certain parts that people feel as catchy, right? I mean, c’mon, all them hit-list songs sound the same…

Anywho, they’re just about to sound alot more similar!

Like I said, they found the code (a mathematic formula) to the hit-list-music basics. Which means, the program creates the music for you, probably by generating notes, all you need now is a sexy girl with big bahonkas and a nice firm ass, and you’ve got your new Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears, make em sing in a studio, even if they can’t sing, which they probably don’t (even if Britney claims that she knew from she was 5 years old that she wanted to be a popstar) use alot of equipment (vocoders) to get their voice-tones right, and you’ve got your own little popstar!!!


Now all you need is a population with lots of role-model-hungry teens and a bunch of horny guys to buy the records, go to the concerts and to buy the posters (the guys)!



~Dufey (Putting all of the popstars on the hit-list on his own little “hit-list”)


You’re my hero Dufey!!!

i think you’d be better of with that Time traveler from other post to see which one will be hit :)