Programmers! Confused With Shortcuts?

I was thinking here, reading samu’s post in the Ideas & Suggestions section, how great it would be if Renoise would have easy and fast-to-use shortcut editor. But since there’s this 1.5 bug ironing and very much other important stuff going on, it is a very future feature to have.

But hey! Keyboard bindings are stored in .xml format! It is not very complex format, is it? So if you are an allmighty programmer, and want your share of so-fullfilling respect of Renoise community and/or would very much like to have a keyboard shortcut editor for Renoise, why don’t you take your chance and make one yourself! I bet it’s not so hard to make, and Renoise authors would have nothing against it. And we all would love it.

There ARE some programmers out there, right?
Of course this would not be a final solution I guess, because there are some functions that stand-alone editor can not do that built-in could, but it still could be much better IMHO.

Well this idea gets no wind under its wings. Okay, whatever.

Yeah, ok.

I don’t?
I was supposed to. Sorry. I know nuttin’bout programmin’.