Progressive Electro


today I played a bit & got following stuff after 12 hours :] music style: electro [incl. my voice]. any comment is welcome! song is ~69% finished for now.

djnick-69%[demosong].mp3 [127bpm, 2,67mb; 112kbit]…osong_.mp3.html
[demo-song encoded at 112kbit. style: electro].

added new WIP [work in progress] link for new idea: djnick-u_can_dance[demo].mp3

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… Do you have a direct link DJ Nick?

Really liked your last songs and would like to hear this one!

Groovy stuff. I like the filter-drum-effects. I could imagine this in a club. In fact, I don’t see a negative thing in this, except that it’s not finished and too short. Waiting for the final :)

you will have to select FREE [click on “free” button] and after ~60 secs download will start…

I agree. I created it for ~10 hours, but I lost ~2 hours for searching instruments and ~3 hours making the song. But then Renoise crashed [latest beta] because of buggy VST and I lost 2 last revisions of song. So I loaded the first one that worked and continue [nearly] from beginning :)

this is quite well produced!

this song speaks to me despite it being a style i wouldnt enjoy normally…

if you want somewhere to host it pm me…

this would be great! A friend of mine gave me some free space to put songs for other ppl to download but this server seems to dissapear few months ago… If you have some free space & ftp account to upl my demo songs & link from there, this would be great :) [let me know in private]…_demosong.mp3

PM’d you the login deets :)

thank you very very much!!! it works now :)