Proper Fuckup

Ok, so a few days ago I’m doing work on the house with my girlfriend, painting the stairs etcetera and decide to thoroughly clean the shower as an extra. While removing some fungus stains with a wet sponge, the old paint on the ceiling starts to crumble and flushes through the sink.

Being my stupid lazy self, I figger…hey why not flush off all the old paint so I can do a complete makeover, re-paint later on, make the missus happy…

…yeah…clogging up the pipes in the progress because I run everything through the sink! Now, me & my girlfriend haven’t showered for 2 days, smelly armpits & ass…and so far all the unclogging methods have been useless.

We’ve tried nasty acids that are supposed to eat through everything organic, but since it is clogged with dried paint residue aint shit happening! Fuck…

I just tried some 15 meter long spring device, but I can’t make a turn in the pipes a meter and a half in :(

Looks like I have o get some pro’s in and these motherfuckers cost a lot of money, also I’m reading om the internet, thrashing paint in the sewer is illegal.

I feel like shit since I just cursed out the world when the spring thing didn’t happen like I hoped…how stupid can one be?

If anyone has experience or tips how to handle this dried paint residue shit, please help!



have you tried the magic rubber thing (plunger)?

Try strong paint dissolver and the plunger. Might get things going. Also note that some of those dissolve plastic too. :)

Careful if it is old paint though, I hear some can give off nasty fumes if dissolving… (check with someone who knows though)

@ Benjam: I’ve tried the plunger thing, but it didn’t work. Couldn’t get sufficient suction with it.

yeah tomorow we’re calling in the pro’s.

So far working in the house has been epic-fail :)

Maybe this is the revenge from a big ass spider I trapped in a glass jar a few days ago. Karma is a bitch!

It’s crucial to know if the pipes are metal or plastic. Seriously, I’d consult a professional plumber on this. Don’t gamble with well-meaning people’s advice: you have to get proper consultation from a professional who can actually see first hand the whole situation. Hope things sort themselves out for you.

(Shit like this happens sometimes. I knew a guy who bought an electronic dish-washer and thought that he could install it himself (“how difficult can it be?”). He missed to shut down the water flow in the basement before connecting the dish-washer in his kitchen, and caused a water-overflow/damage that affected all the floors below him, making damages for lots of money’s worth. The real chock to him, however, was that he didn’t have any insurance for this sort of thing. So he’s now economically ruined for life and that’s a real tragedy.)

That indeed is a tragedy, puts things in perspective.

This morning the plumper dude fixed the clogged pipe within 5 minutes! No nightmare scenario or hours of work! So I think the bill will be reasonable which relieves a lot of stress. Now i can go to the beach & chill :)



Man, that’s a relief :D