Proper Midi Import

i think we should have the option to insert a midi file in a track or tracks (with all the required options and settings concerning tempo, duration, time signatures adding patterns, extending pattern lines)
instead of just opening it as a new file.


for now open two instances of Renoise, use one for the midi importing and copy, paste data between them.

never thought of that! thanks.

I support this suggestion. When working with products from Toontrack where all grooves/fills/beats/etc. are stored as midi files it would a great help if you could just drag’n’drop them directly into a track(s) like you do in Cubase for example.

yes, working with toontrack or other similar products is not easy with the current renoise midi behavior.

currently, importing midi loops sucks hard :confused:

my ideia for importing midi loops:

  • place the cursor on the track where you want the midi loop to be imported
  • select the instrument you want to have in the midi notes
  • and finally import the midi loop

done :D

importing a midi loop would not destroy your current song. it would just merge new loops into your current song. that is how it works in any other software.