Protested Some Protesters For A Change

Here’s what the bible has to say about abortion:

what if a little kid passes by and sees the images?
what does he or she have to do with abortion at all?
why do christian people always want to make everyone feel guilty and can’t reply t oa simple question with a decent reason? is it a matter of intelligence? or is it a matter of plain hypnability?

why does religious chanting freak me out? :D

i wonder when the world will realize that free-thinking atheism (or more like non-obfuscatedness) can result in morally upright societies without any kind of legalized and Funded insanity… let it be enough of my rants.

good video anyway, i dropped a comment on it.

soon these freaks will protest worldwide against male masturbation. letting the seed dry in a tissue is a murder of millions. :D
imagine their giant photos on That event… yikes