Tried to mix some breaks with some more melodic ideas here. It’s a bit out there but turned out well IMO. :walkman:

I’m getting slightly better at maximizing volume I think (or maybe this song is just generally more empty, I don’t know). But I still don’t know how I should be using a compressor and I haven’t really taken much advantage of track DSPs so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The mix is kinda iffy too but meh, it’s balanced enough.

I used Oatmeal for the tonal/atmospheric stuff and mostly stock Renoise samples for percussion.


This is pretty sweet, and I am envious of your ability to create cool melodies. The breaks are really nice too and intricate enough to not require a lot of DSP effects to make the track interesting. Although, I think a little distortion on the percussion would make them nice and nasty to contrast with the light and airy melodic part. Really nice track.

^ Distortion on the percussion would be great. Also might sound nice if you sent the main synth to a send channel with some reverb and a flanger/phaser or autopan. Great melodies

Very nice beat, and over delicate melo :)