Pulseaudio Sound Server Support

Hi there!
Is it in plans to add Pulseaudio Driver support to Renoise? It would be nice thing.
Thank You.

Sounds interesting…

but what is the advantage over jack?
sound like it’s nearly the same,
except pulseaudio is available for win32…

One question from my side:
How much latency drops did you get with PulseAudio compared to Jack and Alsa?

I’m going to voice my opinion against this. Pulseaudio has been incredibly sketchy in my experience, and it can use a Jack server as a sink, so, really, this is a non-issue. Just run a Jack server, a Pulseaudio server outputting to the Jack server, and Renoise connecting to Jack.

There is also a Jack implementation for Windows: http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html
This implementation also supports using several CPU cores, which the ordinary official Jack does not.

I can’t say that this will positivly occure on audio quality and latencies but it may be useful in some situations. For example on some soundcards it’s difficult to enable multichannel support with ALSA. From Pulseaudio v.0.9.8 it’s possible to set default number of channels in daemon config and pa server will try to assign they to soundcard’s right outputs (in previous versions you needed to use mixer and configure every channel manually). Somewhere on this forum I saw message about problem with multichannel support on multichannel soundcard via ALSA. PA server may resolve this.
So it may be useful for all the people that want mulrichannel sound support in Renoise without advanced configuration.
Another reason is that many people use PA as a mixer. So Renoise here will be as a part of user’s sound system ;)
As a JACK… I didn’t have a big reason to work with it ever… But now, when Renoise came to Linux, I think I should learn how to act with it :)
And sorry for my !^(VERY GOOD ENGLISH)
Thank You!

For example on some soundcards each channel recognized as separate soundcard. In Pulse you can mix them in one sink.

Pulse audio is now the standard sound driver on two major linux distributions. Ubuntu 8.04 & Fedora 8 …
Worth considering support for this alone!

I for one, would most definitely like to see support for pulseaudio.


Could you try the Pulseaudio module-jack-source and see how that runs for you?

Moved the Jack & Pulse Audio crash report to the bug report forum:

As expected the lack of pulseaudio support has brought tens of people asking my advice today when they upgraded to latest Ubuntu.

For information: Ubuntu programs all use pulseaudio by default. But renoise can’t get access to alsa at all cause it’s blocked by pulseaudio.