Purchasing Renoise: Why Do You Need So Much Info?

I’m about to purchase a license, but wonder why on earth you need all that information from the buyer? Isn’t email adress sufficient when paying through Paypal?

I would surmise it is to access the backstage, along with keeping piracy to a minimum. As soon as a registered version is released into the wild the account can be disabled very quickly. Pretty smart really.

Yeah, but adress and personal details? Not that it’s really a problem for me personally, but as this is a downloadable product I really don’t see the need for giving away street adress and other personal info. A lot of people don’t really like giving such info away everywhere, so I can see some potential customer loss. But I guess the advantages outweigh the minuses?

… so they can send the black helicopters :)

No, for reasons like: if you loose your backstage password we have some information we can check against the requester before we pass out a new password to log into the backstage.
It is just a security measure to prevent someone else guessing a correct email address and simply requesting a new password to get on the backstage server.

I liked the explanatiion with black helicopters better. :(

You will swallow that phrase the day you forget your backstage password :P

Is this the first time you ever purchased software online? Because this is standard for every type of online purchase, not just Renoise.

Simple answers:

SWREG, the payment gateway that handles all the money (not Renoise) asks for this info. It’s not like Renoise is a bank. This is the kind of stuff SWREG requires, not necessarily Renoise.

“Hi, my name is Kyle and my email address changed. I don’t have access to my old one anymore. Can you change it to this one so I can download Renoise? Thanks.” At least 2 of these types of emails a week, guaranteed. We need some sort of proof.

Good times.