Pure Data Users Here? (Or Max, Csound, Supercollider)

Hi, Im learning Pure Data, the main reason is learning more about the basics of audio and audio processing, and PD and a good book seems perfect for that. However, there are other options; Supercollider, Csound (both of them non visual programming lenguages) and the famous PD cousin Max/msp.
Are you experienced in some of these languages???
I use Bidule, is much more straightforward, but I dont know if I learn what is really happen “under the hood”.Dont get me wrong, Bidule is awesome as a tool.

When looking through Max/Msp few years ago, I found the tutorials that come with it very good in learning the software.

Dunno how Pd is on the documentation side?

It comes with a pretty extensive help file and several folders of examples that build on each other. Thats’ probably the most helpful resource since you can play around and repatch the tutorials.

I’ve used Pd off an on for a little bit now. I’ve managed to make a few patches but nothing really awesome. I tried the Max/MSP demo after using Pd and did not like it. There were things I liked about Pd that weren’t in Max/MSP (despite the fact that it looks nicer and seems easier to use).

Another option for code based audio programming is Chuck. I’ve used that a few times and I like it. It’s got some complex instrument classes that supply more than saw and sine waves and there are some built in effects.

Renoise is pretty much going in this direction with Lua scripting, quite a bit of non-realtime dsp stuff can be done right now.

this file:

copying over and executing line 36 to 64 into a testpad.lua, will create a sample, with synthesis.

I just started looking at this tonight but I think it may be possible to use MIDI and OSC to directly manipulate the sample and frames in realtime.
like set up some notes using that instrument in the pattern editor, and have a tool messing with the variables in the code between lines 36 - 64.
Should be very possible to make a sample buffer synth right now.

as far as the OP list choose the most recent or mature with the highest user base.
i found this tonight looking through chucK’s mailing list:

and a good place to seek general info is here:

About PD documentation:
This book is really good http://www.pd-tutorial.com/english/index.html
and then, the book written by the man himself, the creator of PD & Max/MSP , Miller S. Pucket, a great book, but not very “noob” friendly Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music.

If you like Bidule I might have a look at Reaktor. There you have more of everything but also the option to work on a very low level with audio processing (called Core). The Reaktor manuals are overall fine (improved with the upcoming 5.5 release) but not really set up for learning DSP in general. MAX/MSP is said to have good documentation in that aspect… however I have no experience with MAX/MSP though…

Things I’ve tried: PD, SuperCollider and ChucK

PD: I didn’t use it much. I guess one can build huge things, but I find the workflow a bit messy and ineffective


(++) Mighty powerful, a lot of stuff under the hood, and many user contributions.
(–) I personnally find the language difficult to grasp, with some ugly quirks, there are some discrepancies in the libraries, and the overall evaluation model is quite complicated (sound synthesis in the server, sequencing stuff in the client)


(++) The programming paradigm (explicit time) is just great, making the language very easy to learn and master (at least it is very much easier than SuperCollider)
(–) It is usable but still a work in progress. Some parts of the language are not implemented yet, the libraries are a bit weak, and code reusability is not so simple to achieve.

TL;DR: try ChucK. It’s easy to learn, and quite powerful even though unfinished.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I will take a deeper look into PD, I’m reading Johannes Kreidler´s “Programming Electronic Music in Pd” (loadbang).
All the languages look interesting and with pros and cons, like all : )
However, it will be cool more talk in this topic. Its a GREAT adition to our musical skills.

I’m pretty comfortable with max/msp here… it’s fun.

Looks more than fun! I downloaded the demo today, its like Pure Data but nicer and more polished. Maybe I will start with max/msp & then use that knowledge with PD (i like free software).
Im searching a good book about max, some recommendations?
something like loadbang (pd).

i’ve been mucking around with puredata heavily since 2017->. i was using it at work 2013-2014 but stopped doing it since they laid me off… took a few years to start using PD again without the pain of history.

am currently using it for ambient drone live sampling and am very happy with it.

If you want to know what is REALLY happening under the hood then read this for a start:


Then this :


I can also recommend this book for Max if you want to stay in the visual programming area :