Puremagnetic Samplepack And Key Zones Question

I have noticed that in some of Puremagnetic’s patches there are samples which are highlighted and are processed with some kind of distortion/lofi. Could anyone point me to where is it set? I have looked in instrument settings (I expected it to be filter) but have not found it.

Have a good day

Could you please mention the specific instruments that you’re referring to, and the specific samples/keyzones within those instruments that seem to be affected?

I think he means the distortion etc that can be found in the envelopes section ( Instrument settings / sample tab / envelopes ), than for example enable cut-off and where it says ‘lp moog’, click on it for a drop down selector to appear.

He already said that he looked at the filter settings but it wasn’t there. And I already know for sure that none of the PureMagnetik patches even use distortion filters or any type of lofi filtering. There are definitely some instruments which have a lofi sound, such as the Mellotron flute and strings, but that’s actually in the samples and is not being applied by Renoise.

Anyway, carmazine… it would be great if you could mention which instruments you think are affected, then we can take a closer look.

Take a look at Bent-Drumkit. Some samples are highlighted (in keyzones tab) - for example note C-2, sample CBHIT-40.wav. It does have a lofi, filter envelopes and lfos (cutoff, resonance) are off and sample doesn’t have this lofi sound when I copy it and paste to a new instrument.

Actually it sounds ok, I’m just curious how it is done.

Ok. In this kit there are actually some keyzones which have multiple samples mapped to the same key. For example, C-2 actually plays both CBHIT-40.wav and BenderKit5-K.wav together. This can definitely be a bit confusing at times.

I see, now it makes sense. Thanks for answer :)