Purple [deep House]

okaay… i didn’t get any feedback on my latest tune :rolleyes: , so i thought i better try an other genre.
it’s a deep/clubby/after hour house tune.

i would like some feedback on what to improve to make it better. also i’m curious what you’ll think about the overall mix.


it’s in the “deep house” folder.



if you don’t like the flash mp3 player thingy you can get it direct here:


I got to be honest with you, this track doesn’t sound good. To me it sounds like you’ve just used ready vst-loops. Everything is out of sync and some elements are too loud comparing to rest of the track. Hard to say what needs improving, whole track i guess?

thanks. i can appreciated your honesty !

i rather have this kind of feedback then none at all… guess i needed a good kick under the butt. so next time i won’t be so lazy.


That’s the spirit, do not give up :) - i’m guessing that you are kind of ‘newcomer’ , first time using renoise or first time makin’ your own music ? I remember that my first tracks were just like this ;)