Q&A With Vaccine On Dubstep Forum


nice read!

didn’t know this about burial:

“Bevan claims to compose nearly all his music in SoundForge, a digital audio editor, and to eschew the use of trackers and sequencers. According to journalist Derek Walmsley,”

How you didn’t know that when it was repeatedly reported EVERYWHERE when Burial first surfaced and nobody knew who he was I don’t know. A lot of people did doubt how true it was though…

well, i’m really lame at keeping up with music and news about artists i guess. :>

Cool thread.

This gives me an idea…

Someone start a thread called “Q&A with Taktik”, without his consent of course, and let’s see what happens.

I’d do it, but I’m feeling wimpy today.

It would be interesting a “how to make a wobble bass in SoundForge/Audacity” :lol:
You can do totally “out of the grid” (not quantized) beats in Ableton Live (and I suppose any good DAW). In Renoise too, with high lpb settings you have a good resolution, not totally out off the grid, but very decent.