Qmoku - Online Quick Gomoku Game I Made

I created this game because I used to play it a lot on paper when I was in school. And I wanted to create an online version of the same game one could play with his friends without hassle. Game is simple enough, two players take turns to place white and black stones on the board. Whoever gets 5 stones in a straight or diagonal line wins.

This version is simple enough. To start a game just go to http://qmoku.clysuva.com and the new game will start. To play with a friend, copy him the unique url you are given right when you entered the site. And you can just start playing right away.

If you don’t have any friends (foreveralone.jpg), then press the “Find players” button, and if you are lucky enough, you will be connected to another person who pressed the button.

I finished coding it just today, so there are probably still some bugs. Please send me the bug reports to my email (clysuva at gmail dot com) or post in this thread.

Also, have fun playing! :)

How do you place pieces? I see the gridded board, and the “WAITING…” message, but I can’t place any pieces.

You need to get an opponent. Just copy the page URL you get to a friend on skype/msn/facebook, and when he clicks on it you have two players. Then you can place the pieces.