Quake Delirium

Posted this a while ago, but finally got round to making a half-decent screen capture demonstration of the patch and putting it on youtube:

Basically the patch makes quake more delirious by automating changes to graphical parameters and adding a soundtrack. It controls the game via a cunning method of sendings keystrokes from the patch to bindings and config files in the game. The patch also reads the Quake logfile to know what is going on (e.g. started a level, picked up health). It can be controlled with a MIDI controller, and also sends the values for the graphical parameters out via midi to control external effects for processing a soundtrack in Renoise. So for example, increasing the fog can increase a filter cutoff simultaneously. It has a feature where picking up health prevents the crazyness, and you can play through the whole game like that which is actually quite fun, although gets pretty hard later on… you end up hiding in a corner waiting for the effects to wear off by the third episode.

It’s so wierd how it’s been so long since i played quake, but i can still remember those places in the levels. I don’t think i’ll ever forget them.
Well done man, cool patch.

quake \o/