Quantization Behavior With High Rows/beat

I tend use a large number of rows/beat so I can do more detailed effects programmming in the pattern (usually 16 rows/beat). this renders the quantize selection capability (which assumes youre quantizing to the grid) kindof useless. There probably should be options as to what note length the selection is being quantized to (ideally this would also include triplets)…

Have you tried simply setting the quantize value to something other than 1?


You can change the value next to the [Q] button.

Regarding triplets: If you’re working with triplets a lot, then you might find 12 LPB to be more comfortable. When working with 12 LPB, you can have regular 16th notes every 3 pattern lines, and then you can easily do triplets every 4 pattern lines without needing to use note delays or anything like that.

Anyway, quantizing to musical notes could also be a nice feature for the future. Something we can think about.

Interesting, I thought that only applied to note entry quantization (which I never use), but I guess it applies to the right-click quantize operation as well… so that works (for non-triplets).

I was actually referring to the advanced pattern editor quantize function, which now appears somewhat redundant, except it has the sub-line factor and nudge operations…