Sorry for stupid question, but…
Please, can You explain me how work quantization?
Yes, I read that

but I dont understand how it work.
Ok, I have:


Quantize=8 (or 4) it dont change



I dont understand principle, how it work )
How often do you use this function in work and for what targets?

These pictures show delay values in the delay column which means:you did not turned the quantize function on. You have to toggle the button as well not just only change the quantize value.
Without Quantize mode on, Renoise records using delay commands (humanize precise recording).

Quantize comes into play when you are recording notes while scrolling at the same time, so everything’s perfect and there’s no delay when you lay a note down. You can set it record on the closest 1 line, closest 2 lines, 4, whatever.

Hope that helps.


Yeah, big thanks )
I at first wanted to use it for getting non-standard drum grooves :D

I experimented with number of Quantization in Advanced Edit menu and it changed my drum-lines sometimes very interesting )

ok, thanks ))

Just a quick response:
The quantize in Advanced edit allow you to quantize on line percentages… 100% is one line and every value below is a delayfactor (xx% of 255)