Quastion About Rni And Common Instrument Formats


after searching the forum and reading the online tutorials i still got a question about the RNI and the mapping of wave files:
Is it possible to import any kind of common instrument format like giga oder soundfont or halion or whatever instead of mapping the waves to an instrument by your own? Cause this is a very fiddle kind of work :blink:

All formats are different, so some things you can do with Gigasampler, Soundfont, etc., cannot be done with RNI. Similarly, there are probably some things you can do with RNI that cannot be done by Gigasampler and Soundfonts. So, it’s just my guess, but I doubt there’ll ever be giga/soundfont functionality in Renoise.

I suppose just converting the basic stuff could be useful. For example, if you don’t need the extra features from Gigasampler, and only want to get the sample/note mapping into Renoise, the import option would be nice. But as with all things, it’s just more work for the devs to do. More time to spend on adding functionality which can already be done in Renoise when using the appropriate VST instrument/sampler. If you wanna use a soundfont in Renoise, use a soundfont player VST instrument, for example.

Yeah but again - Native support would be faster, I guess.

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