Quest For Fame 2004

Are you making synth/ebm/goth/darkwave or any related music… And can you read/understand Swedish (Scandinavians, including some of you from Finland should be able to do that)

There is a big competion here in Sweden, where the winner will get a record deal. If you have a group and want to have a chance playing live at the competitions you should register it at my site
Currently there are 42 registered bands. And more to come.

It’s time to show people what Renoise can do :=)

If you register and contact me (for information how to upload your material), please tell me you came here from Renoise Forums :D It would be very nice to hear!

why only in Swedish … are there so much synth/ebm/goth/darkwave bands in sweden?! <_< … no chance for foreign bands (eg from Germany) … that’s pity :(

yes - maybe you should … the name of the competition is in english too ;)

that is probably just because swedish is such a silly language :D
you can’t barely write taglines in swedish, it just sounds corny :lol:
“quest for fame”=“strävan efter berömmelse”

Do you have to meet up in Sweden or can you just send them an .mp3 file?

sounds great :lol: !
i know how swedish sounds ;) … my parents have acquaintances in göteborg … and long time ago i traveled with my parents to göteborg … so beautyful landscapes in sweden (eg Marstrand - a beautyful island) …

(Twilek … please tell me your email-address to … i want to send you an email (theme: remixing ;) )… coz PM’s didn’t work on my side within this forum …)

Looking out the window I can tell you that Göteborg can at the moment be considered beautiful scenery only if you’re a fan of grey and a bit of rain… :D This must be the dullest weather ever!

don’t know … cities are always not so nice … too much civilisation ;) … but landscapes …

ok, nice :) my ordinary mail-server is down at the moment but you can always reach me at *** (the @ is replaces with an to avoid spam) :)