Question about backing up songs

I want to get my backup procedure sorted out and I have a few questions. Is the .xrns file the only file generated for a song in Renoise and therefore the only thing I need to backup? What if I get a new computer and open the song in Renoise but don’t have all the au plugins that the song used installed? Does it tell me what plugins were needed so I can go and install them and then everything will work fine with all the plugins settings restored and I don’t need to document the settings on the synths or anything else?

The XRNS file contains your entire song — patterns, samples, instrument settings, MIDI mappings, VST/AU plugin preset data, and so on — but it does not contain copies of the actual VST/AU plugin files themselves.

The plugins you’ve used will need to be installed on each system you intend to work on. As you’ve guessed, Renoise will indeed inform you of any missing plugins. Once the missing plugins have been reinstalled, the XRNS song should load normally, and all of the plugin settings should be maintained.

Thank you very much for that explanation.