Question About Delay And Pitching A Sample

So I have this way of working with Renoise but it didn’t occurr to me until now to ask here about this.

I track a fragment of a song, say, just the drum tracks and maybe a little more. Then I render the whole thing (usually around 2-4 patterns in total) and open the rendered piece and then play it one octave lower like a loop. Say I have a delay device on one track one the rendered piece, and I want to make the actual renoise file (and not the newly made “loop”/song fragment) sound like the loop - delay-wise.

Let’s assume the “original”, fast version has an LPB of 8 and the conversed, slow version ends up being 4 LPB.

Do I just double the delay time ie. 56 ms -> 112 ms? That is if I want to make the whole song an octave lower and half the LPB? Or do the delay times follow the LPB or something? (and if they don’t is there a simple way to calculate the delay times if it’s not exactly half the speed I want?)

I hope someone makes sense of my question :D I’ll post an example if you don’t understand

Not sure I 100% understand you but if I do correctly there are a few ways you can go about it.

First thing is going to be play all your notes an octave lower (obviously effects like EQ and Filters may sound a bit different compared to Rendering and then playing at half speed.) This is done through Advanced Edit, Transpose (Whole Song?) by -12 Semi-Tones.

Now there are a few ways you can go about your next bit. As you say yourself changing LPB to half the current value will do the trick, or halving the BPM value will also work.

If you find you you need the resolution you may prefer to Expand the Patterns in Advanced Edit. May work out easier anyway.

And yes, you will need to double the time of the delay to get the same as an octave lower. If you are working in Line Sync mode it will again work out as double. An octave different is half/double the played rate so should be easy to work out.