Question About Display Of Numbers

is there a way to set all numbers to display in hex in the new beta?

It would be nice if all my numbers could be unified; most importantly I’d like to see my beatsync and pattern numbers this way.

Switching back and forth from decimal always stops me for like a 10th of a second. It’s not a big deal, but if there’s a way I could do it i’d be quite happy.

The software rocks, btw. One of the best pieces I’ve ever used.

Configs => GUI => Patterneditor => Positionnumber format => Hex

ah, sorry I was unclear …

I meant the pattern numbers in the sequencer … not the position numbers in the pattern …

hmm… I really don’t think this is possible anymore :(

as you know, the option was there in version 1.28, but I don’t see it in 1.5

yeah, I just switched over to the new beta and everything is awesome but that …


We tried to reduce the amount of hexidecimal numbers in the software to a minumum, to avoid that newbies are totally confused. But you are right by saying that it still could be optional to have them back.

What should then be optionally in hex ? The pattern numbering, the pattern indices, and ?

I would love it if any number that’s displayed in decimal could be displayed in hex (and visa versa - excluding the pattern editor of course).

This could be a global setting to toggle in the gui section?

Edited to add:
Most important to me: Beatsync number and Pattern Numbering

why? hex numbers should be banned in general … it’s an old habit
from the 80’s were we had low screen resolutions everywhere but today … there is no sense no advantage … it’s more a disadvantage …

in the 80’s and 90’s we had the hex description in every pc handbook but today it’s unimportant for non-coders AND new users want to make music, not learning numeric systems …

if there are no more important things than coding an “retro”-number option …i don’t know <_<

#1 reason why hex is efficient: if you are writing in 4/4 - 00 is beat 1, 10 is beat 2, 20 is beat 3, etc.

#2 you can squeeze more data out of a digit … 10 vs. 16, 100 vs. 256! (edited because I can’t add 1)

#3 it’s just as easy to read as decimal. the problem comes when you’re switching back and forth between the two (seeing 10: is this one after 9 or is it one after F ?)

And while we’re on the topic of different counting systems, here’s a joke about octal:

Why can’t programmers tell the difference between christmas and halloween?

Oct. 31 is Dec. 25

:D :D :D

#1 - can’t see any “efficiency” …10,20,30,40 or 16, 32, 48, 64 … and what’s up with 3/4 timing - your efficiency is gone … and if the boring tick-timing is gone it’s more unimportant … or again a disadvantage …

#2 - and that’s important? … in current screen resolutions and good styled ui’s?

#3 as i said … a musician should learn a new numeric system to make music?

it’s a question what the dev-team want: keeping the old style and don’t annoy the old tracker fans or try new things and move tracker style music editing to a new horizon …

for me it’s ok to see and use both - i started with soundtracker ;) … but i saw hunderts of music appz … the only music apps that still using this newbie and musician hostile numeric system are trackers … i see no real sense for this … software should be intuitive and simple as possible to use …

only my opinion B)

How funny!

I made a thread about Small Various Things in the General Discussion and one of the things I brought up was that I missed the hexadecimal count in the pattern arranger!

Bring it back damn it! :D

To some it’s an advantage, to those who is used to it - to others it’s an disadvantage who’s not used to it. So if it’s OPTIONAL it makes everyone happy!

Don’t forget that one of the reasons why some use Renoise is just because it’s pretty Retro friendly to the old trackers. It has kept some of the essential things which defines a true tracker, as the hexadecimal count. Simple as that.

Only MY opinion B)

not really so funny actually:

you should have post it in the suggestions forum, so maybe we should have avoided double posting :)

except the coders: they must spend their time for unimportant things.

hex defines a true tracker :blink: that’s new for me …

at the moment i’m for binary numeric system … :lol:

Ok I’ll make another post in suggestions later, so then we have three posts :)

Yep it defines a true tracker… So it was new for you? As we say in Sweden; “We learn something new every day!”

Well, anyway, they are gonna include it according to the post above. :lol:

He probably meant that hex format is part of the vintage style that adds to the concept of what a tracker is. (so that you know you are composing music and not entering some formula’s in an Excel-sheet.)

If hex has a good comfort purpose, why should it be left out?
I do agree:it’s either all hex or all decimal and not mixed mode numbering systems because that is sometimes confusing.

And as of the “extra” work: Usually a few tears sweat to implement that in my applications but not days of investigation.

vvoo is a genius :D

I am still deep into this UTF-8 encoding stuff…
I was wondering if we couldn’t implement such system into our effect columns… we could have more effects with the same digits!
Then every tracker for sure has to use a calculator to calculate different values to figure out which command is what number and then which value means which number.
:D :D