Question About Drum Programming

cool stuff. Do you add any sort of swing or groove to individual tracks.

Also I am starting to think that renoise may have a specific place in my production but may not be the ONLY tool for each stage. I may go about making beats in reason on the drum machine and then importing them as loops into renoise for detailed editing.

Totally dig what you’re saying but i’ve found renoise to be quite a bit of fun for recording live midi input. Generally i just let it run the full pattern length, record for a while, then cut and paste the best bar/few bars. This works for me, and i prolly will program a few tweaks and fills here and there by hand.

Renoise does have the slightly cryptic global groove setting, which is a pretty good advancement in the tracker world, but not the same as clicking on mpc, etc. quantize presets. Overall, ‘Groove’ handling in trackers prolly isn’t the best and certainly not straightforward. Or maybe, it is so straightforward that it’s not so obvious or simple.

This can be accomplished on a per track basis with note delay and volume commands. I have made attempts at recording drum machines at various swing settings/styles into renoise and content masking out everything but volume and note delays and cutting and mix pasting that into other tracks. Have had varying degrees of success with this. Nowhere near 100%. But, after a bit of hand tweaking of values i’ve come up with 3 or 4 of these sorts of ‘clips’ that i use sometimes to apply some magic mojo grooviness. that’s what i think i’m doing, anyway

Does suddenly occur to me that a tool could handle a technique like this pretty well and could turn out to be useful if folks would invest some time to create little loops as presets for it. Wildly differing lpb needs and preferences would complicate things though, could be a bit superfluous since cutting and pasting is easy enough… but might turn out to be more organized and easier than having to open another instance of renoise to cut from, etc. Uhm… before i veer any further off topic…

Well because I have been getting more into drum machine type programming lately I am thinking I may be best off creating my drum loops in reason then importing as a loop into renoise to then mess with. While sample and loop precise editing may be a real strong point of the tracker, I am getting the idea that when it comes to the drum machine idea of reasons redrum, Renoise has a bit of catching up to do. I also am not a huge fan of the step sequencer tool for renoise, how bout you?

My problem with Renoise MIDI recording lies with non negative delay in the delay column.
For example, if you enable loop recording on a 64 lines pattern and want to record the kick drum on the first beat, and you record it just a little bit in advance, the beat will go to line 63 with a positive delay, not 00 with a negative delay.

I wish there were both positive and negative delays, and if you’re doing some MIDI recording, it would just put the note at the closest line with a postive/negative delay.

I have the same problem in all other daws with clips as well

One of the hardest things for me to realize about Renoise (and trackers in general) was programming notes in. Coming from a completely visual way of doing this with nice colored boxes on Ableton and Logic, scrolling horizontally, I found myself baffled for a long time (several years) with Renoise. I can’t say there is an easy way to wrap your head around using it and maybe it’s really just not the thing you want to go to first. After it clicked, I now have a really hard time going back to Ableton to make beats. I also feel it’s way easier to make non-repetitve sections with Renoise, instead of relying on looping regions / clips.

Usually I will start with a kick sound, on one instrument channel and a snare on a second, each with it’s own track. I find it easier to lay down the snares first. I’ll cut the pattern down to loop size, like 8 or 16 bars. Get the basic pattern going, expand it to 32 / 64 / 128 and copy what I’ve done. Then, while it’s playing, I’ll start going in and putting in fill notes, changes, and what not as I hear them. Before you know it, you have a big block with a decent variety in the beat, but retaining that initial feeling. If I want things to swing, it’s usually something I hear while I’m editing the basic pattern and I’ll just use the delay column to achieve that result. Then I’ll go back and and do hats, loops, and other filler stuff.

Sure, but I guess there’s room for improvement!


who here would vote to have just a good old groove setting option per track with a bunch of presets (mpc, logic, percussion, jazz ect) come with the next version?

Sure, per track groove setting would be nice!