Question About Improving The End Of A Piece


Wow this is scary sh… Deep and scary i like it. Not happy with end hmmm?, why end it, put some beat bass and make fast psytrance tune hehe like this, imagine end of your tune and beat came in with motives from first 5:50:

You can try Simonus’s suggestion or just go the standard way and have something like a snare roll, but instead of snares use a creepy sound and make it not so often as a normal roll. Just my idea, maybe it’s stupid.
I’ll try to find an example.

(sorry, my music terminology is on a -10001 level)

Since its nevermind :) I made what i had in my mind. Well its not psytrance, more minimal/industrial mixed with this great ambient. I hope you like it :)

So nevermind i make different track from it ;)

Nice man! I’m honored, like what you’ve done with it! :)

Must admit, normally 4 the floor housy genres don’t get airplay on my speakers at all, not even the cooler non commercial styles like this one. I definitely like this mood you’re setting here with the panning bass & melody line + the way you introduce some of the elements out of my track. Good work!

O im happy you like it :) Yesterday i was sitting on that trying to make my own ambient to it, but still used your ambiental track i just feel it gives lot of atmosfere to it.

Heres second version, yet more is not always better so i dont know :)