Question About Pattern Sequencer

Hello! First post here.

So, I am very very new to Renoise, and I am having a boatload of difficulty and frustration trying to migrate from Ableton Live. Currently, what is bugging me is figuring out the behavior of the pattern sequencer. Basically, whenever I start a song, the patterns progress as expected (1 to 2 to 3 etc…). However, when the song finishes the last pattern in the sequence, it immediately loops back to the beginning of that last pattern. So, if there are 3 patterns, the song plays 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 over and over until I smash my computer. I want it to either stop completely, or be able to control what happens when pattern 3 is finished (loop to beginning or something). Please help me out!! Thanks.

Del Dot

Check, if column left to your pattern 3 isn’t turn on to loop.

Also, if you want the song to stop at the end of the last sequence, insert a ZL00 or ZT00 command in any track at the last line of the last pattern played by the last sequence.