Question About Samples > Channels & ReWire

Hello- I was active in the mod/s3m/it scene in the 90s with about 25 releases. One of the projects in the back of my mind has always been to re-create some of these tracks with high quality samples and a professional mixdown with good mastering. Years ago my best approach was to use modplug tracker and export every channel (say in a 14ch s3m) as separate midi files, and do my best to sort all of that out… it’s quite a pain because a channel is not necessarily dedicated to an instrument, they swap around.

My question is about renoise, I haven’t tried it yet. Is it possible to tell it what rewire channel to output to on a per-SAMPLE basis, or is that dictated by the track number? If the former, that would be awesome, and it would be very easy at that point to replace samples and mix them in logic pro.


Tracks are streamed on a whole track basis. The routines to process your samples act before anything is feeded to the ReWire channels.
If you just have 14 very long samples that you simply want to mix out, play each sample on a different track.
You can either choose to load them all in one instrument and set a different key-note (changing the base octave for that key) or create a new instrument for each sample.
Renoise internal istruments (based on its own samples) are the only audio feeds that can be used on separate tracks without disturbing eachother or requiring routing techniques you need with VST instruments.