Question About Speed.

I have a feeling this has probably been covered a billion times in this forum, but I need to ask this in a way I’ll remember.

I don’t use Renoise anywhere near as much as other hosts, but I do enjoy working with it, particularly when I want to think about composition a little differently.

I’ve always been confused about the speed setting. Normally I leave it to a default setting and this seems to correspond with sixteenth notes. In a few of my projects, I added an instrument that I wanted to use 32nd notes for (usually percussion or lead).

So I have two questions.

1.) How can I set up a project to use say 115 BPM and be able to edit at the 32nd note level (I usually don’t have a need for further subdivisions than this). I think I’m asking, in my usual convoluted way, what Speed setting corresponds with a 32nd-note subdivision)

2.) For a project that was begun at one speed is it possible, whether through automation or something else entirely, to change a speed setting for just a single pattern? (knowing, obviously, that this would affect all tracks for this pattern).

Any help greatly appreciated.

first of all, from your words it looks like you are still using a verison older than 2.0, is it so?

since 2.0, the concept of speed has been substituted by Lines Per Beat.

so, a very easy reply to your question is: use Renoise 2.0 and set LPB to 32 for your song.

if you ask me, 32 looks too much to be used for the whole song, because the pattern will scrool too fast for my tastes.
anyway, as you ask in 2), there is a simple way to change LPB in the songs, using the command F1xx, where xx is the hexadecimal value for the new LPB, ranging from 01, where a beat is composed of a single line to FF, where a beat lasts for 255 lines.

here it is a very easy example of LPB. (requires Renoise 2.0 or above)

Speed is dead.

It is but just in case:

But what IT and Conner say, it is largely obsolete stuff, the current way speed works is now in terms of integrity:the higher the speed value, the more intervals you have on the same line with the current BPM/LPB combination.
Speed does not affect the song-tempo anylonger which it did in the past.

I’ll have to check the ver. when I get home tonight. Could have sworn I was using 2.0, but maybe I’m using an old icon or something.

Wouldn’t this be 8? If the default is 4 LPB, the song is 4/4 and the resolution appears to be sixteenth notes then it would seem that the desired subdivision is LPB x beats unit being subdivided (in this case the quarter note). I’m assuming, then, that for complex signatures you’d double the BPM then set LPB to 3.

Appreciate the tip on automating the LPB. Will def add that my quicksheet of codes.

if you import a <2.0 song in Renoise 2.0, it will still use speed. in order to use LPB with an older song, you have to load the song then go to Song Settings => Player Compatibility Options => Upgrade to latest version

Thanks, this is the issue because it was begun in 1. I don’t think I’ve started a project in ver. 2. I have about twenty or so pieces that I’m editing in the newer version.