Question about the pattern editor.

I just reinstalled renoise, and now every time I delete a note in the pattern editor, all of the other notes below it move up one position and it’s super frustrating. How do I get it back so that when I delete a note, none of the others are moved? Hopefully this makes sense, and yeah I know it’s a silly question. Thanks!

0_0 That’s weird, I know of no setting that would cause that. I’m sure Vv knows though, Vv knows everything.

You are pressing the wrong key:

Backspace: Delete all notes and effect commands at the current line in the track and scroll everything beneath the current line up.

You need to rpess the DELETE key instead :D

OH! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that hahaha. I just switched the key bindings around so that backspace will delete now, and delete will backspace :P Thanks a bunch! Now I can get back to making tunes! :)