Question About The Visuals Of The Tool-Plugins

Im not into the whole plugin-stuff so excuse my question:

Why the most tool-plugins have such basic (imho ugly) visuals ?

I just saw some screenshots from circle / duplex and i wondered about the faders / knobs.

Is it technically possible to use own Faders/knob-layouts (eg. jpg/png ) within the the plugin-tools ?

I think so.

You can add your own images to the GUI and use them as simple buttons, but you cannot override the existing controls to re-skin them or apply your own custom styles.

With the exception of the vb:button control which allows you to set a custom background colour, the GUI elements will inherit the style of the theme you currently have loaded in Renoise. We did this to help ensure that tools have a unified look and feel that matches Renoise itself.

Here are the available controls developers can choose from: (taken from the Example Tool GUI in the tool dev starter pack)

2892 renoise_viewbuilder_controls.png

And also some background options for adding control groups and things like that:

2893 renoise_viewbuilder_backgrounds.png

What i find pity is that you can’t skin your application. Transparent PNG is supported, but you can’t use that as background image and top it with controls…

Indeed. I just saw the new Duplex with Keyboard so i’d like to skin my CME-UF5 on it.