Question Bout Old Ft2 Glide Trick

hey guys. just a quick question. back when i used FT2 a technique i used alot was to place a note using 3x0 command on string / synth / pad samples ( i think its called “glide” ) and you could slide to that note without re-triggering the sample. also it would re-trigger the volume envalope for that note so you could use this along with short decay volume env’s to create GOA trance like synth lines, out of just a plain synth sample.

now in renoise the glide command im talking bout is 5xO where x is the ammount of glide. which is nice but it doesnt re-trigger the envalopes at all. it would be really usefull to me if the glide command would re-trigger the volume and filter envalopes. i was wondering if theres any way to do this in renoise. im using version 1.28 right now and cant figure it out. maybe theres an option in 1.5 that does this? im not sure. if anyone knows please tell me. thanks!

Sounds cool. I don’t have anything useful to add apart from, a “retrigger envelope” command would be great in it’s own right.

i fully agree.
there are also some other flaws related to that matter, which i posted in this thread.
but it seems the devs regard the behaviour of the portamento-to-note and sample offset function to be appropriate and correct the way it is, because they didn’t change for as long as i use renoise even though there have been some suggestions for improvements.

the portamento to note command is way to slow even when maxxing out its speed parameter (5ff).
the “workaround” for this is switching the “pitch mode” in songproperties to “amiga/ft2”, but this also influences the functionality of the sample offset command, which then, no longer covers the entire sample spectrum incase the sample is longer than a specific lenght.

the other flaw (sry but to me it is a flaw), which i still find very annoying is that the sample offset command doesn’t recall its last used value, if calling it by 0900.
this hinders workflow and offers absolutely no advantage to be handled the way it is now.

about note-portamento slowness and retrigging, you may understand that I fully agree.

There is also a lot I miss from FT2, expecially weird but useful commands like Lxx (set envelope offset).

About 900 command, did you know that it has a special meaning?

One Tip of the day says:
“The patterneffect 0900 will start Sampleplaying at the LoopStart if a loop is set …”

Actually, I can’t make this trick work, but would be useful…

this command is superflous, redundant and does not enhance functionality. you could always access the point of the respective loopstart with the ordinary way of ofsetting a sample (i.e. loopstart is at pos 5c, you access that point by entering 095c).
but on the other hand, that 0900 behaviour hinders the sample offset to work like it did in FT2 and any other tracker:
0900 = recall the last used sample offset value/parameter and apply it, if a 0900 command occurs.
VERY handy and workflow-enhancing, whereas the loopstart thingy is really something you could achieve with manually accessing the respective offset.
and then i wonder, how often did you want to offset your sample at the position of the loopstart? … maybe in 1 out of 50 cases where you use the sample offset…
just my 0.02$.

Back to the oldskool volume-triggers on the effect-column again :P

Now okay, a thing you can try is emulate your envelop start by using an LFO send-device and then use the volume parameter and the oscilator-type you want to apply.
Then you send an xF01 effect to that LFO device to turn it on where you want it to be turned on and an xF00 effect to turn it off.

I don’t know what kind of envelopes you exactly use so maybe my advise is totally useless.
But retriggering an effect mostly involves a short part of the envelope effect you have it going and i guess you can emulate little pieces of it much more easily with an LFO send-device.

You could use “Render to sample slot” as a workaround by switching it to “amiga/ft2” temporarily and doing the bend, then rendering to sample, replacing the bend commands with a single call the the sample slot with the rendered bending, then switching back to “renoise” mode for the rest of the track.

Awkward, but possible.

hehehe… really lovely workaround… (not) ;)

note: most of ft2 commands got this kind of memory, i remember i reported to Taktik about support that one to keep up xm-compatibility, not sure atm, but seems 04xy command lost this memory (for y, of course) again (bug?)…