Question: Different Size Of Rendered Single Tracks

yestersday i rendered my song into single tracks with 32bit float. after closing and reopening Renoise and reloading the song and rendered one track again with the same settings (i forgot to render one track) the file size of the later rendered track was some bytes smaler then the first rendered tracks. i don’t know why … it’s the same song and the same settings … WHY?! only some bytes (50bytes or so) …

no answer is also an answer - what’s up?! i’m a little bit wondered about this “bug?!” coz i’m afraid that the tracks are not synchronous sometimes after another rendering …

maybe you can trim it a little to sync it if it’s just a few bytes off. anyway i think it’s quite hard to feel a 50byte difference in a 32bit recording :D

maybe if you’re syncing identical tracks it might go a wee bit awry - but the phase difference (and a little panning) can be a funky effect, hehe.

but of course the renoise team could shed some light here?

yes maybe 32bit is the reason … i can try to render the tracks a third time … maybe the file-size is different again from the 2 others … i think it’s not sooo important … i checked the files and everything is sync (except the different vsti latencies :rolleyes: but that’s latency not sync-problems )

I thing it happens cause VSTi’s are not a samples and they produce sounds in realtime. So one render can be slightly different from another.
You should retry this experiment using only samples (w/o VSTi’s) to check my theory…

maybe the header changed somehow … if you choose a different filename or something. Might be the case.

@looza … don’t think so … file-headers have one size … including a max possible file-name lenght … don’t know exactly … <_<

maybe check the total length of the sample-data … its possible in cooledit pro for example. this way you see if there are really 50 more bytes of sample-data or something else.

Why are you freaking out about this? If they all sync up in your programs, it’s not the biggest deal. It could be little timing issues to delta issues or whatever (don’t know which WAV format Renoise exports to), but as long as the output works, I don’t see any problem, personally.

well, I surely understand why he freaks out. alot of things would not work if the loops exported by renoise are not always exactly the same length, and if a file is suddenly 50 bytes longer than the other, this is a obvious hint for this.