Question: How can I stop a midi synth after some ticks?

I would like to stop a midi instrument before next line after some ticks already. Is this possible? Delay column seems to handle only positive values. Thanks.

You can use the Cx (Cut) command in either the volume/panning column to achieve this

For VST and MIDI instruments, this will work the same as an OFF, but with tick precision

For sample-based instruments, the Cx command will “hard” cut the sound (ignore any release stage in the modulation)

Thanks for the info. I already tried this, but did not work, seems that I did something wrong. I try to use it on a polyphony track, and I am often lost to find the appropriate column. Btw Hardly missing a cursor position text info which displays the current target column type.

I am trying to achieve the same effect that happens when I do stop the playback. Sometimes the note off of the vsti then sounds very interesting, and I would like to reproduce exactly this sound. But seems to sound different to a normal note-off command. Maybe it is because the vst immediately doesn’t get any timing information anymore after a stop, so synced stuff will also stop? But I am talking about a snare generated with hive vst which doesn’t use syncing.

Two questions regarding Renoise stop command:

  • will there be send another midi commands besides a note off?

  • does Renoise always stop exactly on a row of the pattern or maybe between a row?