Question: How do I transfer vst/au db settings from 32 to 64bit?

Until now I always worked with the 32bit version of Renoise. But since now nearly every plugin is available for 64bit, I would like to switch to 64bit.

I have a very detailed plugin list database in the 32bit version. Is there any way to move it to the 64bit version? Just duplicate “CachedXXs_x86.db” and rename it to “CachedXXs_x64.db” ? Is there any information about 32 bit bridge settings saved in “CachedXXs_x64.db” ? And if so, will Renoise automatically detect, if a plugin was updated and is now available under 64 bit?

Renaming works, I’ve done it before. Keeps your custom groups and everything.

Thanks, that works.