Question regarding production set-up

Hi guys,

I’m looking to buy a MIDI controller to control my synth (Roland Boutiqe JU-06). A friend of mine has given me his audo interface (Scarlett Focusrite 2i4) which I can use as well. My question is, how do I set all of this up to record in Renoise? Should I:

  • Connect MIDI controller to synth’s MIDI in

  • Connect synth’s MIDI out to interface’s MIDI in

  • If this is correct, then how do I send this information to my PC from my interface?

I’m a complete beginner, sorry if this sounds really naive. Thanks in advance.

I’d do it the simple way:

  • Connecting soundcard midi out to synth midi in

  • Connecting keyboard midi out to soundcard midi in

This way you can record and play via the software after selecting the appropriate input/output ports.

Recording/hearing the audio can/should then be done by using the line-in device in Renoise (mute any line-in real-time monitoring if your soundcard is set to that).

PS. There MIGHT be a way involving running everything via the synth and using midi-thru, but it would require more cables and is not as straight-forward to me. Only benefit I could think of with this solution is if the synth is outputting arpeggio notes that you wanna record (special case).

Thanks a lot! I will give that a try!

I do have one more question though; what if I buy a simple MIDI keyboard that transports MIDI through USB? I wouldn’t be able to hook that up to my soundcard. Again, all of this information is overwhelming and hard to grasp for me right now. Thanks for helping me out.

In a set up as simple as that, i personally would just avoid running the Roland at all, get the sound you want on the Roland, then multi sample it using Renoises sampler, you will save yourself a lot of heartache, not least of which will be recording the synth as a linear hard disk recording once you have the song built, going back to recording realtime masters is not a choice i would quickly make.