Question To All Mac Users

Hello, and happy new year to everyone.

First of all, I want to let you know that we’re making great progress on the Mac port of Renoise. We’ve had the 1.3 builds running for quite a while, although there are still a couple of missing features that haven’t been implemented yet.

The question I’d like to ask is, how many of you are still using Jaguar (10.2)? I myself use Panther (10.3) for Renoise development, and currently there are a number of issues that would have to be solved in order to get it running on 10.2 also.

Basically the two options we have are: a) Only support 10.3, and get it out quicker or b) After everything else is done, spend some more time to get it running on 10.2 also

best wishes,

Just a question. Is there any plans to support Audio Unit plugins (AU) in the MAC-version in the future?

It’s definitely on my todo-list, but it doesn’t have a very high priority. I can almost certainly promise that it will not be there in the first release of the mac version, but it should be supported in the future.

Definitely get it out quick:) I’m on panther. I don’t see the trouble in delaying the 10.2 build, people on 10.2 are going to have to wait either way. Just update the release whenever the kinks are ironed out:) I like Renoise, back when I was real young I tinkered with fasttracker2 some bits, and now Renoise! Real fun!

Have fun!

Panther here too.

Hi phil,

Yup, It’s full price only, no updates. I first also thought this was a bit strange, but when thinking it over it makes sense.

The prices of the full MacOS X are quite low, $129, that’s probably what microsoft would ask for an update. And you just can’t buy a Mac without Mac OS installed, so you can only buy an upgrade. So the full version is basicly an update.

Having said that, I think it sucks that each concurrent version is incompatible with the previous version, that just forces you to update. The other extreme is Windows, which keep support for antique software, which is in the way of creating really new stufff. So yes, Apple kind of forces you to upgrade each 6 moths. So I can understand your principle. But this way of course, software is being kept up to date… Hm, there are a lot of sides to this…

And you will probably able to run renoise, just a bit later, don’t despair now!

Have fun,


I vote for 10.3.

As a long time user/betatester of the discontinued PlayerPro it’s nice to see a promising new tracker form the Mac.

When the public beta hits the download site i’ll give it a spin and if it’s good enough i’ll pay for it no doubt.

It would be intersting to know if renoise reads PlayerPro files, what about import/export to popular mod formats?(Maybe i’ve been sloppy reading the FAQs).


one hint for you:

as I assume you don’t have access to the Mac alpha, and want to register as soon as beta will be out, I then suggest you to register now, or after 1.5 final release, because:

1] if you register now, you will be able to download the alpha, you will pay the price of version 1.281 (45€ instead of 50€ which will be the cost of 1.5)
2] if you will register after beta release, your license will be still valid from version 1.281 to 2.1 so you won’t benefit of anything
3] if you will register after 1.5 final release, you won’t get access to alphas, but your license will be valid until 2.4

now it’s you choice anyway


I’m waiting for the public release too since i’d like to be sure that it works before i pay for it!
I mean i’d be pretty *** if i pay for it and the first thing the app does is refuse to run or crashes.

So, get the mac alpha out, let us macheads give it a spin and if it runs well at least i’ll gladly pay the ‘higher’ price of $50… On the otherhand if it crashes…

If it runs good i’ll write a article about it @
(Just a quickie, i registered the software today, so far it seems to work pretty well,
GUI could be a bit faster but i bet that’t come(Running on iBook G4/800).

You should do something about the user area, it should be possible to use Safari to access the pages.



just bought renoise

no one laugh please
i’m running it on a powermac 9600 upgraded with a sonnet G4@800
under panther with 256 megs of ram

i’ll try with 10.1.5 macos

the interface responsiveness is pretty slow in full screen less in windowed mode , it also due to the fact that i still use a old ati rage 128 pci video card

do you used the cocoa interface of carbon for programming ?


I am one of those people who intially wanted 10.2 release, however, I feel like if Blackis only wants to develop for 10.3, that is also fine. I love the renoise project and I support the developer’s descision on such matters. I’ll just have to upgrade! No big deal.
When I registered Renoise, the developers DO listen to the users, and are very cool. I know there is a tendancy for people to compain (especially germans :) * )
but the developers really are doing a good job, and if your music sucks, then you better spend some more time tracking it. :)

  • entschuldigen. Ich war auch in Deutschland geboren! Es ist zutreffend, daß viele Leute sich beschweren. Aber Die Leute sind sehr toll! Bitte lieben Sie Mich. Danke :)