Question: While using VST aliases, how is multi audio out possible?


if I use a multitimbral VST in one instance but with aliases on different midi channels and multiple outputs (never used this before really), as far as I understand it, in this case, the audio generation is truly separated in the plugin for each channel… right?

How can I setup output B/3+4 of the plugin to track no.2?

If Renoise doesn’t currently support multiple outs, this is a request to add it into Renoise… An drop down in the plugin settings to the left bar, “output” which lists all ports of the vst 2.4 instrument. BTW. is there another thread which already requests this?

If it’s possible, I am to stupid to set it up right :blink:How can I do it?

EDIT: Ok just found it.


Here is a quick step-by-step manual:

  1. Load multitimbral VST into slot

  2. Add an alias to the VST on next slot (you will find the alias in the vsti list in the very top)

  3. Go to track1 where midi#1 should play, setup ch.1 there and also bus #01 under “outputs & routing”

  4. Same for track2, but with midi#2 and bus #02

  5. Do not forget to set output 1/2 (== bus #01) for m#1 and 3/4 (== bus #02) for m#2 in the vst

How can I setup output B/3+4 of the plugin to track no.2?

You already found it, but it’s still worth mentioning for the benefit of others.

Go to the instrument plugin properties and expand the Outputs & Routing section:

Ok, maybe moving to beginners questions?