Questions about renoise license

License details
Version registered: 3.3
Valid until: 4.3
Registered to:

may and can i own renoise 4.3 all that is mentioned above at renoise backstage

with my products it says that I can only download up to 3.4.2, that’s why the question. help and advice
questions about license and download

3.4.2 is the current version of Renoise. Buying a license means you are entitled to free updates as new versions are released, up to version 4.3 (whenever that happens to be released).

tools piano roll studio

at tools in renoise, piano roll studio is no longer listed, nor is the way to updates, I can’t get out of this problem, do I have to download it

sorry engels it,s better

at tools in renoise, piano roll studio is no longer listed, nor is the way to updates, I can’t get out of this problem, do I have to download it

Marc, The PRS has always been here:

hi raul

I have a license with the possibility of more, what I understood from your message is the new piano roll 11-07-2023
looking forward to it, kind regards marc de zeeuw

Hi Marc. I don’t understand exactly what is happening to you.

Do you want to download the latest version of Piano Roll Studio?

To update the “Piano Roll Studio” or “PRS” you just have to download the latest available Demo version and re-install your Personalized License. So you will have the latest version, which is currently v5.3.511. Piano Roll Studio is a separate tool from Renoise, it has nothing to do with Renoise.

The Piano Roll Studio as a tool is not uploaded to the Renoise server because it takes up too many MB, it is “big”, and the server is limited for “small” tools. Therefore, in the Renoise updater nothing will appear regarding the Piano Roll Studio, no notice that there are new versions. You just have to update it manually (1- install the new version, 2- re-install your Personalized License). If a new version comes out, it’s here, in the Piano Roll Studio forum:

Follow this link and click: Download the Demo Version of Piano Roll Studio v5.3.511. Finally, install your license.

You will always have to enter the Piano Roll Studio forum to manually check for a new version. The next version of Piano Roll Studio will be It will still take time to appear.

hi raul

I am from the Netherlands and I understand a bit of English with an explanation of installing things or doing an upgrade. I hope you can see from the photo until the license is valid in my opinion. I can download an older version of tools in renoise at tools , but you also mentioned it in your license is that at your backsttage where you also log in to download renoise and the accompanying packages I have that I have samples packages and editing options in the sound effects and stuff, do I have to reinstall everything that I remove renoise with everything and then reactivate me backstage? at tools at renoise 3.4.2 is the old piano roll i can’t go further in my backstage higher than that downloden while the picture says that it is until 4.3.
can you explain to me?

You have to buy piano roll studio from raul directly, it is separate from your renoise license

Renoise is currently 3.4.2
Your license is valid til version 4.3, which doesn’t exist yet. Check back in 2034 at the earliest lol

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I have sent you a PM with more details, although @slujr has summarized it very well…