Questions About The Mixers

Hi everyone
I’m not really a renoise beginner but i’m asking myself a question right now, because I browsed a few sites about mixing / mastering.
In renoise the master or individual tracks volume sliders, go from -xx to +3dB .
I made a sample sine wav at full volume, and when played in renoise with all sliders to “0 dB”, the peak doesn’t seem to be actually 0 dB. To render this wav at full volume, I have to set track and master volume to +3 .

I was just wondering why ? I don’t know anything really about dB’s, but mixing tutorials are talking about setting this and that to 0dB and in renoise the sound ends up lower than the original samples.

Thanks in advance for any explanation, sorry if my english’s not perfect.


correct me if i’m wrong, i believe renoise uses 3db of ‘headroom’ … in other words -0db is actually -3db

think this is done because it makes sure you don’t overload your rms levels that easy.

it must me that. Basically, when you’re mix is done and nothing goes more than 0db, you can add 2 or 3 db before rendering and it shouldn’t have distortion. Any way that’s how i’m doing. Thanks for the reply