Questions About Yamaha Motif 6 As Midi Controller

Hello there fellow musicians and tracker-hackers.

I’ve recently started using Renoise, and right now I’m trying to set up my Yamaha Motif 6 as master keyboard. I realize it is probably hard to get any specific answer from anyone here, unless one of you have a similar setup to mine, so I’m just going to ask about where I could find some documentation on this.
I have checked the manual for the Motif and I think that what I’m looking for is a “setup file for the sequence software”, to make the drivers communicate correctly with Renoise. Is there anything like this available? I guess it has to do with some general “default” MIDI mapping for the Motif.

Any answer on how to solve this problem, or where to find what (I think) I’m looking for, will be greatly appreciated.

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Motif USB-MIDI driver

I don’t think there are any other kinda drivers available for the original Motif serie (I have Motif 8 myself). I’ve actually never used my Motif as a midi device that much, so I could give it a spin and check if I have the same problems. The least you could do is install the latest MIDI driver.

Hello and thanks, I feel very welcome here on the boards and in the IRC-chat.

I’ve installed the drivers and the Motif shows up as a choosable device in Renoise, so far so good… Though, nothing happens when I push the keys, I’m guessing I have my MIDI I/O ports set wrong (and I don’t really know how to set them properly). Someone mentioned the Duplex plugin, maybe that could be useful? Anyway, it would be really helpful if you’d be able to try out your Motif 8 and see what happens, maybe we can narrow it down to a specific error or something. I’ll keep fiddling around.

After looking through the specific MIDI setup chapters in the manual, I actually got it to work properly! I think the main thing I forgot was to activate the “Remote Control Mode” via the button labeled REMOTE CONTROL ON/OFF on the Motif (situated right next to the knobs and sliders). Such an easy mistake to make, heheh.