Hello to all, I just started using a demo version of renoise that most likely purchase, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Where can I find networking tools to be included in the tracker.
  2. How to create new instruments from external sources.

PS I am Italian and excuse my English school.


Hi Galileo, I’m also italian so I will also translate my reply for your convenience.

  1. to which networking tools are you referencing exactly? what should they purpose be? where have you heard about them?

  2. there is an extensive tutorial regarding this topic here

– italian –

ciao Galielo, sono anche io italiano quindi ti traduco quanto scritto sopra:

  1. a quali tool ti riferisci esattamente? qual è il loro utilizzo? dove ne hai sentito parlare?

  2. puoi trovare un estensivo articolo in merito qui

for the record: we clarified Galileo’s questions privately. About 1), he was actually searching for an instrument library