Quick Automation Copy/paste?

Is there a way to quickly copy ALL the automation within a pattern region? Like, select a couple of tracks in the pattern, and when you copy the notes, all the automation gets copied as well?

I’ve tried to find some option that enables such sort of “extended copy” or whatever, but couldn’t find one.

I have about 20 automated parameters in a track I’m working on. It’s extremely tedious copying them one by one into another pattern. How do you go about doing this?

i don’t know about copying/pasting the entire automation, but here’s what i would do:

  1. in the pattern arranger to the left, make a new pattern and switch it to the pattern with the automation you want (if you want to take all the automation from pattern 5, switch your new pattern to 5).
  2. select the new pattern 5, so that it is highlighted, and right click -> “make selection unique”
  3. simply delete all the stuff in the pattern window and you are left with an empty slate with all the automation copied to the new pattern.
  4. if you had another pattern with different note and effect commands that you wanted to use, simply cut them from the pattern they are in, and move them into this newly created pattern.

this is a workaround, it would be nice to see some sort of multiple automation copy/paste function implemented, but then again, i’m fairly new as well to renoise, so maybe i am missing an easier method myself.