Quick Comments Needed

I’m taking part to a big remix-contest here in Italy… so before letting this out I thought about having a forum-check before :)

Deadline is in 1 day and half… so I know that just a few will be able to listen to this and comment it…
Anyway… how does this sounds on your system?
( All kind of audio systems wanted, from walkman to studio monitors)

NOTE: Please don’t blame it on me about the voice on track… it’s not me.
If you think it sux you should have heard it before my edit <_<

:) Any comment is welcome

IoVia - Electribe Remx by Parsec

Sounds fine here on a pair of Tannoy Reveals, in fact very nicely balanced mix! The only thing I would personally change is upping the vocals slightly to be more prominent.

As a tune not really my cup of tea,

nice production none the less,

like particularly the way the vocal circulates in the stereo image, nice work here!

Good harmony in here, couldn`t spot any dissonances,

Good luck in the contest! Good job for this style!

Listening on 25€ Soundsystem du Jardin :yeah:

Sounds crystal clear and veeery tight … !
The amounts of glitches do add a lot to the atmosphere as
well as the rythm but I feel that a less cut-up part here and
there could accentuate what’s already there and vise versa …
Y’know … cut the groove but keep flowing that vibe

Shit, but it has to be sayd that is one amazing track !
Must say I never heared the original but from wot I get I don’t
think I want to as this suits my needs just dandy dandy !

Great work man !

sounds great on my cheap ($50) pair of headphones here at work… sounds professional, i think the vocals sit well in the mix.

Very “EURO”, but I guess in Italy that’s assumed. ;) Edirol’s MA-20D - straight down the middle acoustically. Should sound good on loud systems, i cranked it and everything sounded clear as f****. For my tastes, it feels little too pristine. I like a little dirt in my tracks. I sometimes feel like I am listening to an AM radio mix, it’s hard to tell. I don’t have any tracks that sound like this because this is not a style I listen to, so I have no way do judge if this is the normal way to mix it.

I would say it’s missing “Warmth”, but that is the best I can do.

Good luck!

Thanks to you all guys! :D
I’m so glad to hear that the mix sounds good…
and thank you very much for the appreciation :)
Yes I’ve spent quite some time on it so I really hope it will r0ck d4 pl4c3 :rolleyes:
Don’t worry, if the mix is going to be selected and placed on their site for voting I’ll warn the whole forum ;)

Anyway, I’m obviously waiting for other comments so please feel free to click on the link and leave me your impression!
Ah… since BotB mentioned it… maybe you appreciate a link to the original file?

m3u - Streaming file of Io Via - Original track

Oh… and btw, happy birthday Conner! :)