Quick key config ;D

i dunno if this is explicitly stated in the manual or not, but being able to edit KeyboardMapping.xml “by hand” is great! saved a lot of time getting my left-handed ass working straight in renoise ;D

if people aren’t already using some nice text editor i’d suggest picking up ultraedit or another text exitor that allows for find/replace all and going at the xml. i was able to quickly swap LControl and RControl even with many instances of the keys …


er, wait, did it :blink: ???

i think i messed something up in the process, should this have worked?

Would be strange if it worked, as RControl isn’t treated as a modifier but a regular key in renoise…
This is for compability with the ft2 interface. Taktik, would it be possible to make this optional? GUI-wise it could be like this: have a list of checkboxes for each modifier key (L/R ctrl/alt/shift/winbutton) named “Use as regular key”, where the right side keys by default is checked. Eventually also an option to not separate left from right could be useful for custom bindings.

i’m glad i’m not incompetent at find/replace … :ph34r:

and yeah, a feature to toggle “regular key” would be perfect! and make renoise’s powerful keyboard command structure truely configureable :yeah: