Quick Q Re: Exporting Audio

I have a question regards the exporting audio function (assuming Renoise has been registered).

Say you have a single Pattern, with 64 Lines in it for example, and you’ve programmed a simple snare that starts on line 3 and is triggered every four lines throughout the pattern…

…If you export that track as audio, would it also capture the silence of lines 1 and 2 (before the snare is triggered), or would it only start capturing audio from line 3 (when the snare is triggered)?


rendering starts at line 1 and ends at the last line on the last pattern (in the sequencer) … add an empty pattern/or enough pattern-space after your last notes if you want to render e.g. a releasing reverb effect at the end …

Nice one, that means I’ll be able to import the audio into Cubase and snap it to the timeline easily! You can’t rival tracker-sequencers for programming drums.

I’ll go register/buy Renoise. :)


yes that’s it …

i hope we (users) get midi-export, rewire and a vsti latency compansation in Renoise too anytime … then it’s perfect for interplaying with other audio-apps B)