Quick Question About Changing Bpm With F0Xx

Is there a way to get a part of a track higher then 255 BPM? F0FF Is the highest it can go since FF is the highest number you can put in that effect(F0FF = 255 bpm) I even tried adding 2 effect columns with F0XX…

Raise the LPB is another trick to speed up stuff beyond that limit.
calculate how much bpm you desired, divide by 2 (for instance 400bpm / 2 is 200bpm) and then set that bpm and double the LPB value. If you want to use two effect columns anyway, that is the way to do it.

(Edit: Damn, I’m too slow… vV beat me! :) )

If your song is at 120 BPM and uses an LPB (Lines Per Beat) setting of 4, then you can effectively achieve 240 BPM by changing the LPB to 8 instead. The tempo in Renoise will still show 120 BPM, but you will have doubled the actual pattern speed (and therefore the speed of what you actually hear) by going from 4 LPB to 8 LPB.

This is one method to get around the limit of the tempo pattern command. Keep in mind you will have to adjust your tempo commands accordingly (by halving their value, of course), and the higher LPB setting might affect some other things you have programmed into your patterns. You’ll just have to experiment with it.

Stacking the tempo commands in 2 columns is an interesting possibility, and I believe this has been discussed before in some other threads. I think it could offer a nice workaround until the pattern command system gets improved in the future.

When doubling the LPB, you will need to use the Advance Edit “STRETCH” function to keep it sounding the same.
Just select everything and then click stretch.
If you are stretching your entire pattern, you’ll need to double the pattern length to fit it.
Dblue actually taught me that one :)

Well yeah, normally you should do that, but the whole point of this particular technique is that you do not expand your patterns, which in turn causes the pattern data to be played back twice as fast. Then you can use a tempo pattern command like F0FA to set 250 BPM, which at twice the speed will obviously give you 500 BPM and allows you to work around the pattern command limit.