Quick Way To Enter Controller Data?

I was wonding if it was possible automatically fill in numbers between two points while entering effect commands… For example whilst doing a long pitch bend. Say I want to start my bend at FF (01FF) and end it at 00 (0100) is there a way I can get renoise to fill in the middle numbers for me?



Jim :)

there certainly is. highlight the whole range, with the first note being your start value and the last note being your end value, right-click the selection, click “selection” then choose one of the “interpolate” options (linear will draw a straight line between the values, i.e. the values will increase/decrease in regular increments causing the transition to occur at a uniform rate). There are two other options, “logarithmic” and “exponential”. These are curvilinear transformations, but I am not clued in on how they work exactly. But fear not, someone will be along with the answer shortly I expect. Of course, you can always check up on this in the manual now you know the term names!

Ahhh that’s perfect. Thanks very much for your help :)

this is a nice tip,havent thought about this before