Quick'n'dirty Waveforms

ye well, we got sample drawing \o/
here a way to get some basic waveforms:

create a new sample: 44100hz, mono, 100 samples “long”

this thing will now loop 441 times per second, which means that waveforms drawn in it will have 441hz, which is close enough to 440hz for my taste :0
(the samples to be used can be calculated as follows: " samplerate/hz of tone" #renoise educates :o)

square wave:
pretty easy: just draw maximum amplitude through the full sample, then draw minimum amplitude from the end up to “the middle”, meaning up to the 80 on the ruler. (if you have your ruler set to the 09 effect, of course.)
there you go, a “perfect” square. not vintage (meaning it lacks those gibbs “ringing artifacts”), but what the heck.
set the basenote of the sample to A-4 and you’re done with that.

saw wave:
even easier: just draw everything at maximum amplitude, select all, fade out or in (linear) and adjust dcoffset if you want to.

take the square wave, select all, fade in OR fade out and then crossfade. all in one, meaning you could use this key combo (on win i think, dunno about mac shortcuts) to make a triangle wave from a square wave: ctrl+a -> ctrl+shift+i -> ctrl+f
and perhaps dc adjust it then.

take the square, play it on a track with a low pass filter on it with very low cutoff frequency. so you cut out all the unwanted partials and get just the basetone: a sine wave :o
(either use “render to sample” or “process tracks dsp” in the sample editor)

and of course don’t forget to maximize \o/

Crafty ++

Of course, the real interesting stuff happens when you draw wave forms that you can’t get from regular oscillators.

Like a middlefinger.


this thing is just too much fun now :drummer:

I feel a beatbattle coming up , using just hand drawn waves :)

and it should be running over a week, so that everybody that
has a tight schedule should be able to participate.

It can be named “The Handjob Compo”! :P :D


thats just too f****in funny!


I have a friend thats very good with the trumpet.
Once he played for a symphony orchestra, and afterwards he recieved a diploma for “…a well done blowjob”.

Hehe, Damn that was funny. :w00t: