Quickstart Tutorial 2.5 "Bugs"

hey there!

i’m evaluating renoise 2.5 and for that i jumped in and worked through the quickstart tutorial pdf.

there are a few small mistakes (relicts from old versions i guess) and traps in it:

page 30: as a noob, i wasn’t aware that the “follow the players position” button has to be turned on for automation recording to work.
page 38: “base64.xrni” is now in a folder “Base/64.xrni”. (also affects pages 40 and 42)
page 39: the instrument is now called “bass64” in the instrument selector and not “base64”.
page 40: looping option “None” is now called “Off”.

great introductional tutorial, it’s the first time i jumped in and tried out a tracker!


Thanx for the report Fabb,
Topic added to our ToDo’s.

What a fabb’ulous first post